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Skin Tag Removal – Information And What You Can Do

Are you looking into skin tag removal – only to find out you may not be exactly sure what a skin tag really is?

Skin tags are little growths of skin, or tumors that often look like a piece of cauliflower and are attached to your body by a stalk or a peduncle, and can grow on some of the strangest parts of your body – your face, your neck, under your arms, eyelids etc. These maddening little stalks of skin often appear under women’s breasts and around their pubic and anal areas – places that may be difficult to get to for removal.

These growths are usually considered harmless and don’t normally turn malignant – not turning into a cancer if not treated.

Why do they form in the first place?
It’s a medical fact that some people are more prone to developing skin tags than others due to several reasons – obesity being considered a large factor.

Why obese people? The reason may have something to do with overweight people having large folds of skin rubbing constantly – possibly this friction may develop these growths. Women have a higher occurrence that do men. The elderly develop more skin problems than the population at large – perhaps age may have something to do with it. Genetics may play a role in skin tags as it seems to occur in families on a regular basis. If you have these growths, do any of your family member have them also?

Skin tags are generally benign, that is, they usually don’t turn cancerous if left untreated. Medically speaking, you could ignore your skin tag eruptions with no adverse effects. If they are in places that don’t bother you – why waste time and money trying to get rid of them?

Most people who want to remove skin tags do so for mostly cosmetic purposes. One or two growths may not be much of a problem, but if clusters develop on highly visible body parts, the sufferer may want to get them removed. I know that, in my own case, I only developed one large tag. But, this one was large and located in such an inconvenient and undesirable place I knew I wanted it removed. It was under my arm, towards my back – if I wore a sweater, it would sometimes catch on the fabric and bleed – sometimes ruining a perfectly good sweater with a blood stain!

Others with skin tags on highly visible places – faces, arms, bust lines, etc. may consider them a nuisance and will remove, or have them removed immediately.

Skin tags on eyelids may be considered a type of visual impairment. Those who have these growths on their eyelids may want to see a specialist, as removing them from one’s eyelids can be tricky at best. Don’t attempt self-removal from your eyelids! You could damage your eye. This is one time to call in an expert.

Skin Tag Removal
There are several ways of removing skin tags – both by yourself and professionally, at your dermatologist’s office. If you choose to remove them yourself – make absolutely certain that you’re not trying to remove a mole or skin cancer. If you’re not 100% certain – see your doctor!

Your doctor can remove them with a scalpel, anesthetizing the skin, incising the tag, and sutchering (stitching) the wound for proper healing. This may be the most popular, successful method. Another popular way of getting rid of these growths in cryogenically – literally freezing them off with liquid nitrogen at minus 321 degrees fahrenheit. Your doctor can also burn them off with an electrical current. I’ve had each one of these procedures done and, burning them off stings a bit, but is very successful and minimizes bleeding.

If you’e like to remove the these growths yourself, there are several methods you can use to get rid of them.

Apply a paste made of baking soda and castor oil, and keep in on your skin for at least a couple of hours each day, for about two weeks. This should dry them out, and they should form a scab and fall off.

Some people will tie a dental floss or strong string around the base of the skin tag, tightening to cut off the blood supply and to make the area numb. Then, with a sterilized cuticle scissor, cut the tag off at the base – all gone!

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Frequently Asked Questions

    Genital Warts? Skin Tags? What else?
    I have had this small growth on my scrotum sack. It is small then a dime, I have no clue what it is though. I asked two doctors and they said it’s in conclusive on if it is warts or not. I have no clue how but whatever.

    I have tried the freeze off wart remover and all it did was burn the skin and let it peel for a week and it went back to normal. No it didn’t spread or anything, just burned, hurt like heck and went back to normal.

    I am curious, what it can be? Warts? Skin Tags? Something else?

    Can I just get some large toe nail clippers and cut them off, and use rubbing alcohol to clean it before and after then use super glue to seal it up? Then just put medication on it till it heals? What risk would I encounter other then infection?

    • ANSWER:
      geez, what sucks about this whole thing is that you dont know what it is. I would seek a dermatologist and see what it could be. Skin tags are just as ugly as warts. But, warts spread like wild fire so it could just be a plain ole skin tag. I wish you luck that it isnt anything bad.


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