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    How long do skin tags bleed after professional removal?
    So tomorrow I may be meeting up with someone and I wanted to have a skin tag on my neck removed before I actually do it. So I scheduled an appointment with my doctor for about 6 hours before to have it cut off.

    I was just curious, is it going to be a clean cut? Or am I going to have to wear a bandaid on my neck or have some type of open bleeding wound and just look more ridiculous than before?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

    • ANSWER:
      The final appearance will depend on how they remove it. It can occur using a scissors at the base, a scalpel to cut across the base or using a sharp curette to “scrape’ it off. There will be minimal bleeding usually and you wll need to wear a small dressing for a few days to help it heal. Applying a small amount of topical antibacterial ointment daily will help heal it faster. The surrounding inflammation will take about 72 hours to resolve so you probably should have done this a week ago if you wanted no sign of it.

    Skin tag removal – advice?
    For years I have had a skin tag under my armpit that really annoyed me – it was ugly and difficult to shave around. My dermatologist confirmed last year it was a harmless skin tag, and my mum has often suggested I just cut it off, as her dermatologist instructed her this was the simplest and most effective way to get rid of them. Today I finally tired of the irritation, so I numbed up the area with a topical anaesthetic and snipped it off with sterilised nail clippers. I seem to have removed the entire thing, but the odd thing was it didn’t bleed at all! All the advice articles I read first mentioned they bleed a lot on removal – now I’m worried mine was strange for not bleeding!! Any advice/similar experiences??

    • ANSWER:
      I had one removed by a doctor using what amounted to a large set of nail clippers. It didn’t bleed much if at all. She just put a bandaid on it and sent me on my way. No big deal.

      When the dermatolgist tells me something is harmless and it’s easy to remove, I just get her to do it while I’m there. I don’t think I’d have had the nerve to do it myself, but more power to you.

    Is my skin tag removal infected?
    so i had a skin tag removed a week ago and ever since i been in agony only stopped bleeding yesterday.its also gone a funny green colour and sometimes smells bad (i no sick right).went to my gp’s and said it was ok and wouldnt give me any antibiotics and to go back wen it’s infected for some??? Is this normal healing time or should i go back again?

    • ANSWER:
      It shouldn’t be smelly and it shouldn’t be green. Wash it a few times a day with clean water. How did the doctor remove it?

      I know someone who removed skin tags from under their arm. They used Mole & Wart EZ Clear and they simply went black and dropped off. They certainly didn’t hurt. I guess whatever method you use you have to keep it clean before and afterwards.

      I recon you should keep it clean from dirt and sweat for a couple of days using hot clean water and a bit of cotton wool to wipe it over. If it hasn’t changed after a couple more days and it is still smelly and green go back to your doctors. You shouldn’t take antibiotics unless you have to though.

      See here for next time:

    Ouch Help! Skin Tag Removal?
    right i have a skin tag or ( the medical term) Acrochordons, mind is to the side of my arm pit on my back above the bra ( sorry if that does not make any sense :/ ) at a party i was kinda drunk and ended up knocking it, its been a little sore when touched since, today i dancing and it snagged on my top, it is bleeding a little and is only attached by one side i do not know what to do :/ Please Help. Thank You

    • ANSWER:
      Tie it tightly at the base with cotton and it will fall off after a couple of days otherwise if you phone your GP they remove it for you or the nurse there does.

    Has anyone tried to remove a skin tag with dental floss?
    I have a small skin tag near my right underarm. It’s not hideous or terribly noticeable, but I am a bit self-conscious about it, especially when wearing a swimsuit.

    I had read on several health related websites that it was safe to remove it by tying a piece of string or dental floss tightly around it in order to cut off the blood supply and that in a few days, it would dry up and fall off. I tied a piece of floss around it yesterday morning, and now it looks swollen and is a reddish-purplish color. Is this normal, and how long will it take it to fall off? Also, when I changed the bandage I’d placed over it so that my bra strap wouldn’t irritate it, I noticed that there was a teeny tiny amount of “leakage” on the band-aid. I’m not certain this was caused by tying the floss around it though. Sometimes it would bleed a little bit if my clothing or bra strap irritated it. Should I be concerned about this? Has anyone else tried this method of removal, and what should I expect?
    Yeah, I also read that it was safe to clip them off if you were very careful about sterilization. But, I chickened out! Figured the dental floss might be less painful.
    Update in case anyone cares:

    It had swollen to about twice its normal size, but today it shrank significantly and turned a very dark purple. It looks like it’s shriveling, so it shouldn’t be too much longer before it falls off.

    • ANSWER:
      i have those too. i find that id you use a stran of hair it works better, it took 5 days for it to dry up and fall off. i don’t know about the loss of liquids but the colour is normal as its the blood that can’t leave it. i hope that was helpful

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